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About Us

DUBAIB AND SULAIM COMPANY (DSCO) is registered under Commercial Registration No. 2051002986/Khobar to engage in the Construction, Installation, Operation and Maintenance of Telecommunications Systems and Electrical Distribution Networks.

DSCO specializes in the Design, Engineering, and Implementation of Telecommunications and Electrical Systems. The professional staffs are made up of Management and Technical Personnel who are experts in their respective fields and with years of experience worldwide.

DSCO is totally qualified to provide fully integrated Turnkey Systems. These Systems can be tailored to individual Customer Specifications. Specific Systems can be designed to operate independently, or as part of an existing network.

DSCO provides System and Network Design, Engineering, Construction, Installation, Testing and Personnel Training, Operations and Maintenance. Since 1977, Dubaib & Sulaim Company (DSCO) has completed major Projects in the following fields:

  • Communication Towers Procurement, Construction of New Foundations, Existing Foundations Enhancement, Tower Erection, Painting, Installation of Tower Antennas, Feeder Cables,Tower Maintenance and Tower Structural Survey and Analysis.
  • Structural Tower Guy Wire Installation, Tensioning and Maintenance.
  • Outside Plant Systems (OSP) including Supply, Installation, Splicing and Testing of Fiber Optic and Copper Cables and Construction of Communication Manholes and Conduit/Duct bank Systems.
  • Inside Plant (ISP) and Structured Cabling (SCS) Communication Systems (Equipment Racks, Cabinets, Cable Runways, Structured Cabling for Data/Telephone Outlets).
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD).
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) System and Security (SACS, IDAS and CCTV) System.
  • Data Network (Data and MoxaSwitches, Routers, Access Points and Data Controllers) Systems including Supply, Installation and Testing.
  • Radio Systems Installation and Testing (TETRA and Microwave) including Radio Frequency (RF) Drive and Coverage Testing,RF Study and Analysis.
  • Supply, Installation, Testing, and Commissioning of Communication Transmission Equipment’s (OTN and DWDM).
  • Communication and RTU Shelters Procurement, Construction and Installation.
  • Construction of Railway Level Crossing Protection Systems including Automatic Gates and Gatehouses, Facilities/Utilities installation and associated civil works.
  • Solar Power Systems (Solar Panels and Batteries) Supply and Installation.
  • Operation & Maintenance of Various Communication Facilities and Systems.
  • Electrical Power Systems (Transformers, Generators, Rectifiers, Power Panels, Power Cables Etc.) Supply, Installation and Testing.
  • Electrical Power Line Towers Procurement, Foundation Construction, Erection, Painting, Installation of Power Lines, Connections and Associated Accessories
  • Electrical Power Distribution/Substation Installations on Units or Turnkey basis.